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Hello there.
I'm Connor.
I'm 18 years old.
I'm an IMGD student at WPI, going on my sophomore year.
I'm a Dungeon Master, I play MTG, Guild Wars (1 and 2), and I'm a brother of Phi SIgma Kappa. My favorite music right now is Pity Sex, Anciients, The Decemberists, and Earl Sweatshirt, among others. I'm gonna be raving about music, video games, poetry, various other (un)savory themes, and life.
My wonderful girlfriend - Things I've made

"Maybe if Tom Hiddleston stopped rolling up his sleeves like a dirty whore we wouldn’t be having this Tumblr problem."
something I heard a very serious looking business woman in a power suit say this morning on the train.  (via ptrcpldi)

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sylvari wearing modern day clothing haha don’t ask

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More data-mined outfits from that_shaman 
they’re apparently unisex


Wintersday outfits?

Also, just imagine a Charr all bundled up in one of these

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glowing calcite! (under UV light)


glowing calcite! (under UV light)

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RAVNICA | A Fond Farewell

With the release of Khans of Tarkir next Friday, we will be saying goodbye to Return to Ravnica block as it rotates out of Standard. I think we can all agree that this block both ignited and reignited our love for Magic again. Guilds were chosen, gates were crashed, and we ate up every minute of it. In honor of this spectacular block, I will be posting Ravnica art all this week until Thursday. Enjoy!

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Happy National Punctuation Day Tumblr ;p


Happy National Punctuation Day Tumblr ;p

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